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TEDx Boulder: The Upside of Crisis

on Nov 02, 2014 in Inspiration

Our client, Joseph Logan, recently gave a TEDx talk in Boulder Colorado. Joseph Logan is a coach for extraordinary leaders and teams. We think it’s well worth the few minutes to listen to this talk, as Joseph dissects crisis and it’s impact on our lives.

Here are our key takeaways from his talk

  • “Crisis creates change, change creates choice…” Crisis can wake you up, can make you come alive. Often times within a crisis situation, there is a choice, and we are called upon to take stock of what’s in front of us and be intentional about our choices going forward.
  • “We don’t want change we want choices…” Change is always viewed as difficult. It’s easier for things to remain the same. Change can show you things you may have been ignoring otherwise. It can challenge you in a way you never thought possible, and propel you forward too. Change can be a driving force of choice. We do not lose our purpose in crisis and change. On the contrary, this could be the space where we find it.
  • “There is an opportunity in chaos that isn’t there in stable times. We don’t get to choose our crisis, but we do get to choose what happens next.” When your world is shifting, if you pay attention, new things can come into view that you did not see before. There is opportunity in chaos. It challenges our state of calm, revealing to us new courses of action that were not available before.
  • “In our worst times, we can find our best selves.” The integrity of a human being is always tested in times of chaos and conflict. Crisis is the ripe ground for doubling down on our values, or reevaluating how we move through the world. Crisis forces us to draw lines and figure out where we stand in various moments of our history, which a huge emphasis on life values, work, and legacy.

What are you waiting for?

Head on over to Joseph Logan’s website to hear his TEDx talk.

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