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The best way to predict the future is to create it. We're creating experiences that bring people, passions, and causes together.


It's Never Just A Website

Now more than ever, your website is the face of your company — greeting potential customers and repeat business alike.

A beautiful and easy-to-navigate website is the cornerstone of any business and serves as the hub for your online presence. As your primary marketing tool, your website is how potential customers will find you, learn about what you have to offer, and how your company can help them. All social media platforms, search engines returns, and online directories will lead your customers to your website.

At Points North, we make sure your website puts your best foot forward and represents your company authentically — both in style and function. Beautiful and useful websites, don’t just appear out of thin air. A potential customer won’t stumble across your website on accident — there is a method to the madness. For a website to attract the right customers to your business, you need a targeted approach and expert execution.

Understanding Your Goals

We love to dive deep into the design and technical details behind the scenes of a website and make it work for your business. If you are looking to breathe new life into your current website, create a new website or web application, or you are ready to grow your business by improving what you are able to offer your customers online, Points North will get you there. With our unique blend of design, technical and marketing expertise, we walk with you through the whole process — from brainstorming and ideation to website launch and ongoing support.

Our relational design process is the foundation of building your website. We will work with your company to understand the story of your business and what your potential customers should feel, see and learn about your business when they navigate to your on your website.

We take the time to get to know our clients upfront so that we can create a plan and design for their website with a deep understanding of the business, their vision for success, and the customers they want to attract.

  • Custom WordPress Websites
  • Web Application Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Foundational SEO
  • Maintenance & Support

UI/UX Design

As experts in user interface design and user experience design, we always keep the user in mind. We map out a path that will lead them to want to learn more and stay connected to your company. We will help you create a clear purpose for each page of your website so that your customers find your website easy to navigate, ensuring your site captures the attention of your target market with a memorable and friendly experience. Our expert team of designers and programmers, will work with you to make a custom website on WordPress or Drupal to meet the distinct needs of your business and clientele.

Foundational SEO

We believe great SEO is the magic dust of the Internet — it helps people find the information they want quickly and intuitively, without calling attention to itself. Our pivotal SEO foundation work will position your beautiful new website to be discovered by your target market and ensure that you meet your potential customers where they are. Unlike many marketing companies that tack on SEO work at the end, Points North integrates it into our design process from the beginning.

Ongoing Support

Points North also provides support services after your new website is up and running. Through our ongoing support and maintenance services, we ensure your website will continue to be a dynamic and welcoming place after it is launched. We train your team on how to make small updates on their own so that your website is not only useful and intuitive to your customers, but to your company as well.

Portfolio Spotlight


CredSimple is building the nation’s richest resource of provider data to digitally transform provider network management. Coupled with an integrated suite of services, they help healthcare organizations build and manage the strongest provider networks imaginable.

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Portfolio Spotlight

Plastic Solutions Fund

When most people contemplate the world’s single use plastic problem, the think of polluted oceans and photos of the problem (litter on beaches and in parks). With this brand and website, we wanted to surprise their target audience by shifting the focus to the solution. Dare to imagine a different future.

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Portfolio Spotlight

Sharks Pacific

Sharks Pacific was born in the Cook Islands in 2012. Through strategic outreach and efforts to highlight our work in the Pacific, Sharks Pacific endeavors to educate and inspire stewardship and pointed action for sharks and their marine environment throughout the world.

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"We’ve loved our experience working with Jessica (CEO) and her team. They really listened to our needs and brought our vision to life. Jessica was able to bring in personal touches that created a unique website that reflects our organization while also being functional. The team at Points North has been helpful, professional and timely and we’ve enjoyed working with them. We love our website and look forward to continuing to work with Points North as our organization grows."