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Protecting Sharks Through Research, Outreach, and Policy

This isn't just about building a website. There's a story to be told here. A big one. As big as a shark.

Taking a big bite out of web design

When we met with Sharks Pacific, it was clear that their goal was to understand the importance of sharks and advocate for their conservation. We weren’t just going to finagle a few pages of content, resize some photos and call it a website. There was a story to be told here. A big one. As big as a shark.

At Points North, it all begins with an in-depth understanding of your organization and your goals. Most importantly, we like to know what success looks like for you. For Sharks Pacific, success meant having a website that was fully responsive and attractive on the front end, in addition to being easy to manage and update content on the back end.

By creating a goal-oriented site map, we were able to help Sharks Pacific identify the purpose of each page of their website. This lead to the creation of a seamless user experience that guided visitors through different paths to learn more and take action. All sharks are born swimming, which basically sums up how Points North launches a website.

"We’ve loved our experience working with Jessica (CEO) and her team. They really listened to our needs and brought our vision to life. Jessica was able to bring in personal touches that created a unique website that reflects our organization while also being functional. The team at Points North has been helpful, professional and timely and we’ve enjoyed working with them. We love our website and look forward to continuing to work with Points North as our organization grows."

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