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Catalyst 3

Catalyst 3 is building digital solutions to spark change

Catalyst 3 is building digital solutions to make an impact and spark change.

How can we make “building engaging customer experiences in government” sound cool?

Well, those weren’t the exact words used by the founders of Catalyst 3, but they needed Points North to come in and take the story of who they are and the impressive work they were doing (think: agile software development meets human-centered design) and put it together into an overall brand identity and narrative.

No sweat, this is where we shine.

We took the time to connect with Catalyst 3 and listened intently to understand their driving force. Our candid and honest conversations led to the creation of a straight forward mission statement, and an impactful vision statement.

Catalyst3 was authentic, real, and brimming with innovation. With these fibers, we wove together their company values: Authenticity, Ingenuity, Trust, and Empathy.

Inspired by the idea of a spark creating change, we designed a logo that highlighted the concept of different elements coming together to create something bigger. Along with colors that were fresh, modern and distinctive, we also included one that was representative of their “spark” (note: when viewing, don’t forget your shades).

Points North was able to help them tie together multiple elements of their business into a cohesive representation of who they are, what they believe in, and what they can do. Rooted in the belief that humans and their experiences matter, Catalyst 3 is making their mark by leading impactful changes today, while driving towards a future of vast possibilities. The end result was magical, and we didn’t even have to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

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