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Beautiful tools for a Finer life.

Exceptionally designed. Handcrafted in Austin.

Finery is a collection of refined hardware solutions, celebrating the intersection of form and function. With style simplicity and finish subtlety, each piece is inspired by the needs of their clients, and developed in conjunction with local artisans in Austin, Texas.

Finery was created by Laura Burton, of Laura Burton Interiors, a commercial and residential interior design studio based in Austin TX. Through years of managing remodels and new construction, Laura discovered that she has a vision for potential. While working with clients, she was frequently designing custom pieces to meet specific requirements. This journey prompted a desire to offer solutions to a broader market. Through Finery products, Laura addresses functional needs with artistry, craftsmanship, and design intentionality. Laura has a degree in architecture and years of experience serving as an interior architect, designer, and project manager for clients nationwide.

We knew immediately that any mark or brand that represents Finery should have that same attention to detail. Every line and element must be intentional and have a purpose. Our team was excited to get to work. Our early strategy with the team at Finery revealed that this brand needed to be intentional, timeless, refined, and have an essence of simplicity. We were also inspired by how Finery products were designed to not snag on clothes or catch cords. Taking inspiration from the shape of their product line, The Simple, the logo for Finery was born.

Finery is a brand for an audience with refined taste. It has a classic appeal. It’s minimalist but thoughtfully created. They appreciate clean edges, white space, airy feels, and stunning photography. This is a brand that is truly after our own hearts. After completing a brand guide, we finished the project by planning and executing a new website. The goal for the Finery website is to tastefully delight and invite their audience to fully experience and understand the uniqueness of the brand and product. We want to tell the story of what makes Finery different, and get their audience excited about your product lines. And ultimately we want them to connect with the appropriate outlets for purchasing.

Finery invites us to experience lasting luxury and exceptional design.

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