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When most people contemplate the world’s single-use plastic problem, they think of polluted oceans and photos of the problem (litter on beaches and in parks). With this brand and website, we wanted to surprise their target audience by shifting the focus to a beautiful future.

Why look like everyone else when you can dare to be different? Plastic Solutions Fund wants you to imagine a better world.

Do you know what most organizations who are working to clean our oceans show on their websites? Photos of littered beaches and trash floating in our water. And we understand the shock value that comes with such images. Do you know the color that most organizations use who are working on saving our oceans? It’s blue. So if you’re an organization or fund looking to make your mark in this space, you pretty much have a blueprint of what you’re supposed to do. But what if, you’re not like the others.

Enter Plastic Solutions Fund. They dare you to imagine a different future, and we decided to help tell their story by allowing viewers to daydream about what a world could be if single-use plastic was eliminated.

Picture lush greenery, flowing streams, clean oceans, and the sound of waves crashing into shores. We also stay away from the traditional blue color palette in favor of colors that are more lively. Although the website background is a deep grey with hints of blue, you’ll see on the map and in other places, that we found creative ways to play with light.

Around the world, something incredible is happening. Together, people are sparking a revolution in the way we live and thrive on this planet.

Plastic Solutions Fund is building a world in which only truly necessary and non-toxic plastics are produced, and even those are re-used, repaired, or recycled.

“We believe that when enough people believe change is possible, change becomes possible,” says Plastic Solutions Fund. “We work to transform the systems that drive our increasing production and consumption of plastic, not just the systems used to manage its disposal. We believe in community, and the power of unusual allies with multiple goals and divergent tactics working together to solve a common problem. We believe that cooperation, generosity, and trust are essential to building the strong and diverse global movement essential to drive the transformation.”


"I can't find words for the excellence of this business in every single aspect. The leadership, creativity, professionalism, promptness, patience, inspiration, kindness, uniqueness, responsiveness, prices, persistence, beauty, and sparkle of every product and process of their work is refreshing, impressive, and inspiring! The value of their work and the joy of working with this firm is absolutely unsurpassed."

Jennifer Holyer // Plastic Solutions Fund
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