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on Jan 07, 2018 in News

Our Monthly Skip Day & Why it’s Fabulous

In Q4, I decided it was time to intentionally play hooky from work. Yes, me… the owner of the company, simply not showing up for work one day. I wanted to do this because, I think sometimes we can all find ourselves on the hamster wheel of work, and that scenario doesn’t matter if you’re working a 9-to-5, hustling with a handful of odd jobs, or running your own company. We are passionate people, we are determined people. When we are doing work that we love, the hours fly by like minutes and we don’t mind.

But…. our bodies mind. They mind a lot actually. We are not meant to be sedentary creatures. We are meant to experience life and adventure at it’s fullest, and most importantly, we are meant to move and get our heart rates up. We are meant to live in the now. I want to be more mindful of enjoying the life that creating this business supports.

This started out as an idea and a date in the middle of November with a friend to just go on a hike and enjoy the fall foliage. And that week came, and both of us were getting slammed with work related matters, and then I said “Yo… we cannot cancel a nature hike to stay in our offices and be slouched over our computers!” We needed to skip it and just go. I’m so glad we did. We did this wild hike at Gunpowder Falls State Park. We talked a little bit about work matters, but eventually that transitioned into life talk. Deep oranges, yellows and reds ablaze in surroundings, there were several moments along the trail where we just stopped and stared. We finished up at a lodge restaurant where all the food looked AMAZING (waiter, one of everything please!). Neither of us wanted the day to end.

“What if once a month we did something like this?” I asked. It sounded like a great idea. Let’s force ourselves outside, outside our comfort zones, up trails and into day trips, with the same dedication that we push ourselves into our rewarding work. And so, the monthly SKIP DAY was born.

This past one took place the Friday before the Christmas holiday, and we invited another friend, grabbed coffee and turned on the butt warmers in our car, and took a day trip to St. Michaels Maryland, where we strolled the neighborhood streets, ate at a cute locally owned pub, wandered into shops, did a rum tasting at Lyon Distilling Co. and took photos from the lighthouse and docks at sunset. Here’s some photos from that adventure below (view more here).

We’re already planning our SKIP DAY for January. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

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