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on May 07, 2014 in Inspiration

Celebrating Small Victories

Here’s a trend we’re stoked to see happening with small businesses. Whether it be a treat for clients or a casual gathering amongst friends, more small businesses are celebrating their anniversaries. It’s important, and I mean, every year that you are in business is a year worth celebrating. These little milestones and markers are moments of reflection for how far you’ve come, and also gives you a moment to enjoy where you are.

I think we can all agree that in many ways it feels like time is passing too quickly. Moments set aside for pause, reflection, and celebration, are what you’ll wish you did when you look back years from now.

For our anniversary, we hosted a Mediterranean Cooking Demo Night. We were so excited to hand pick the wines that would pair with the food, and to let our clients and colleagues interact with the chef. The toast we gave to commence the demo was that of the importance of celebrating the small milestones (because every year counts), and that of reaching out to the extended family of other businesses that are growing with you.

I have a new level of respect for small business owners. There is a lot happening behind the curtain that you don’t see. And yes, we’re 4 years in; we look forward to celebrating every year, and continue to find clever ways to keep the lines of communication open with our clients.

I’ve seen some other small companies do some clever events to celebrate. One created an exclusive networking event for clients and persons of interest; one had a unique cocktail created and celebrated in a new office space; and another is doing an executive retreat for clients and others who have shared in their journey.

These are the moments, where some of the most unique kinds of magic take place.


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