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on Nov 21, 2023 in Inspiration

5 Small Businesses to Support This Holiday Season

We don’t know about you, but for us, it seems like we blinked, and the holiday season just showed up on our doorstep. Completely unannounced. And we answered the door only because we thought it was our food order from our favorite restaurant. Have you been caught off guard too?

Well, no matter your level of holiday cheer, if you’re going to give a gift, you should know your options. So we put together a list of our top 5 favorites for this holiday season.

1. Smells Like Holiday Spirit

South Ann Street Candle Co. has a series of Baltimore-themed scented candles, including Lemon Stick, Harbor Mist, Opening Day, and Fells Point Farmer’s Market. We found these gems at Su Casa in Fells Point. The scents are light and clever. It’s hard to resist not smelling them all. We think they’re the perfect way to have someone experience Baltimore. And it’s a great way to celebrate a favorite Charm City moment. If you can’t make it physically to the store, you can catch them online too.

Image Credit: Jessica Watson, Points North

2. Don’t Forget to Bathe Responsibly

Mount Royal Soap Company was founded in Baltimore, MD in the Spring of 2014 by three soap-obsessed friends. And thank goodness for that, because their branding and their products are all delightful. They began selling their products at Baltimore Farmers Markets in 2015. Then they quickly gained an amazingly loyal following. In 2018, they took the leap into opening our first retail store in the neighborhood of Remington. You can shop online, but we think their physical store has way more variety. This shop is perfect for stocking stuffers, and also for creating the ultimate self-care care package. In addition to their brick-and-mortar shop in Remington, you can also find them at Lexington Market, and at several farmers’ markets. Check their website for details.

Image Credit: Mount Royal Soap Company

3. Did Somebody Say Chocolate?

Jinji Chocolate was recently featured in a stellar article in the Baltimore Beat. Okay, who doesn’t need an emergency chocolate fix? Might as well support a good business while also taking care of what some consider a want, and what we consider a need. We recommend the liquid cocoa pouch or the chocolate-covered coffee beans. Jinji Chocolate was founded in 2012 by Jinji Fraser, and her father, Guy. Since the beginning, the priority has been maintaining a high level of sensitivity to the farmers who grow & harvest the cacao, and to the earth that yields the fruits. Along with local, seasonally selected ingredients, the chocolates also pay tribute to the ancient art of storytelling, creating rich flavor profiles that are both complex and memorable. Today, you can purchase their chocolates online, and find a full selection at their retail shop on Baltimore’s historic Waverly Main Street.

Image Credit: Philip Muriel, Baltimore Beat

4. You’re Going to Want to Bookmark This

Charm City Books is an independent, family-owned bookstore and community gathering space located in historic Pigtown. Okay, our love affair with Charm City Books happened shortly after they opened. They were at that time offering coffee, and we donated some coffee cup sleeves to them from the Have A Nice Day Project. We thought the space was quirky and loved the diverse book selection. Last Christmas, we gave them our hearts, when our tweet about them went viral. Now we buy all our books from here. Charm City Books offers new books and locally made crafts as well as classes, workshops, and a wide range of events for the community and by the community. It’s a space for everyone, a place where neighbors can connect and learn about one another through literacy and the arts. You seriously can’t go wrong.

Photo Credit: Charm City Books

5. Buzz Worthy Without the Buzz

Hopscotch Zero Proof Bottle Shop was also recently featured in the Baltimore Beat (lesson: read your local newspapers, y’all!). It’s no secret that Americans are drinking less than they used to. According to an article in Axios, The average number of drinks Americans consume in a week has been falling over the last several years, from 4.8 in 2009 to 3.6 in 2021. So if you’re planning a holiday gathering and want to be inclusive with your beverage choices, what do you do? You’re in luck. Maryland’s first non-alcoholic bottle shop is in Baltimore, hon. Founded by Darryl Collins, Hopscotch is a Baltimore-based non-alcoholic bottle shop & tasting room where customers can socialize, sample, & score the best selection of zero-proof beer, wine, & spirits in the area.

Image Credit: Philip Muriel, Baltimore Beat

In Conclusion, Something Important to Remember

Supporting small businesses during the holiday season is crucial for fostering local economies and sustaining vibrant communities. When you choose to shop at small businesses, you contribute directly to the livelihoods of entrepreneurs and their families, helping to create jobs and stimulate economic growth. Small businesses often offer unique, handcrafted, or locally sourced products, adding a personalized touch to your holiday gifts. Additionally, supporting local enterprises helps to maintain the diversity and character of neighborhoods, fostering a sense of community. By prioritizing small businesses during the holiday season, you play a vital role in building resilient, sustainable economies and ensuring the continued success of independent entrepreneurs.

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