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A Fun Post About Getting Older

on Jan 12, 2023 in Inspiration

Ah, growing up. It’s a wonderful thing, but sometimes it can be a bit of a shock when you realize you’re starting to do things your grandparents used to do. You know, like complaining about the weather, getting up early to water your plants, and making sure to bring a sweater wherever you go.

Yes, I’m getting old—at least according to my friends and family. But, hey, I’m embracing it! And so is the team at Points North. Recently, we had a hilarious discussion about all the habits and rituals that remind us of our advancing age. So get ready for some good laughs (and maybe a few groans) as we share our experiences of getting older before our time.

Night Driving Shenanigans

“I’m not driving at night, and you can forget about making a difficult left turn” – Kendra, Project Manager

Living in the city is one thing, but the further you venture out into suburbia the fewer the street lights, and darkness seems to be creeping in earlier and earlier (I’m looking at you, daylight savings time). If you’re trading in a “night out” for a “night in” solely because you don’t like driving at night, then you might be getting old.

Super Market Vibes

“I like going to the supermarket as soon as it opens because no one else is there, I can get in and get out,” Christopher, Research Assistant

Ah, the joys of grocery shopping! After a long week of work, what could be better than heading to the grocery store to get your shopping done?

Getting to the grocery store as soon as it opens! And if you’re lucky, you get to enjoy a few moments of blissful shopping, uninterrupted by the throngs of shoppers that inevitably appear after the store opens. If you set your alarm just to wake up early and make it to the produce section before anyone else, then you might be getting old (but you are getting first dibs at the avocados).

Turn That Music Down

“Why is it so loud in here? Can they turn down the music?” Naomi, Account Manager

Picture this: you’re trying to make conversation with your friends but all you can hear is the loud music blaring from the speakers. You can’t even hear yourself think, let alone hear what your friends are saying. All you can do is sit there and nod your head in agreement, hoping that it’s not too obvious that you have no idea what anyone is talking about.

I mean, what’s the point of going to a social gathering if you can’t actually socialize? If you’ve ever made a mad dash to the DJ booth to inquire if they could lower the volume a smidge, you might be getting old.

It’s Time For Bed

“I’m going to bed early,” Laura, Graphic Designer

Gone are the days of staying out until the early hours of the morning and still being able to make it through a full day the next day. Now, if you stay out too late, you’re guaranteed to be a walking zombie the following day.

You’d rather be well-rested and alert than under-slept and yawning your way through the day. If you won’t even sacrifice a minute of your bedtime, or if you’ve finished your day early and the first thing on your mind is nose-diving into your tempurpedic, you might be getting old.

This Text is Too Small

“Yea I can’t read that,” Elaine, Director of Client Success

What’s up with the small print? You know, those tiny words on a jar of jam or the back of a shampoo bottle? Then there’s the font size in books or menus at a restaurant. Are you just guessing what the dishes are and hoping for the best?

If you are holding what you need directly at the tip at your nose, or outstretching your arms hoping to get the text into focus, you might be getting old (and it also might be time to get some glasses).

OMG My Back!

“Why does my back hurt?” Jessica, CEO and Creative Director

One day, you feel like you can take on the world, and the next, your back hurts because you didn’t put a pillow between your knees before going to bed. And don’t even get me started on what happens if you don’t properly stretch.

If aches and pains are becoming the norm, and you’re always putting an ice pack or a heating pad on some part of your body, you might be getting old.

Can you relate to any of these quirks?

We don’t think getting older is a bad thing, which is why we want to paint it in a comical light. Through aging, we gain a better understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. We learn from mistakes, grow from experiences, and can look back on life with a sense of gratitude. Aging can also bring a greater sense of freedom and appreciation for the little things. We learn to live in the moment and appreciate life more deeply. Also, we can focus on what really matters and let go of worries about the future. And personally, with age comes boldness. You care less about what others think of you, and care more about your own happiness and well-being.

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