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on Apr 25, 2018 in Inspiration

Relationships Matter. That’s Why We Love Token.

I walk into my favorite cafe on an overcast spring afternoon and Joseph, the bartender, greets me by my first name and asks me if I want my usual for lunch. He also knows that even though it’s not standard, I like my burrito sliced right down the middle. In his spare time Joseph dabbles in graphic design.

Last week when I passed through one of my favorite salad spots, everyone behind the counter smiled and said “Hey Jess!” and I said hey back. Many of them live here in the city, some walk to work, and one just bought a home on the other side of the harbor.

One of our clients hosted a very successful fundraising gala a few weeks back. And when we heard of their success, we sent them flowers because we believe victories deserve to be celebrated.

This is my community, and I love connecting with people. My relationships are important to me, and whether it’s a friend or a business colleague, I love to let folks know that they are thought of and appreciated. Over the years I have developed a knack for finding the best ways to let someone know just that, and that’s included stumbling upon Urban Stems, BoxFox and Leccare Lollipops. So today I’m excited to tell you about Token.

So yes Token is AMAZING.

How do you know what to send a work colleague to celebrate a promotion, or your quirky assistant who’s into astrology and yoga? Token has a system that let’s you put in their information (who they are, their relationship to you and the occasion), and then they make professional recommendations based on that. Tokens can be something small or something large, but the big key is making someone’s day. They are hand-wrapped and include a hand-written note with your message, which is a really nice personal touch.

If you think Token is cool and want to give it a try… they are offering 10% off your first order with this code: pointsforjessica

*Note, they don’t have a referral program. I make nothing by sharing the code or why I think they are awesome. I wrote to the owners to let them know how great they are, and they said here share with your fabulous friends 🙂


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