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on Mar 20, 2020 in Inspiration

Finding Light in the Darkness

A little research will reveal that the human race is a resilient one, and that we have survived and thrived after great falls before. Think of the phoenix that rises from the ashes, a fertile ground that is hot to the touch but still rich with nutrients. And then think about how you, yourself, might rise. We are being asked now to not just think about ourselves, but about others and how our actions impact them, for better or worse. But the truth is, what we do has always impacted others. Awareness is key.

Life as we know it has been disrupted. What will we do once knocked off track? This great flood is forcing our systems to recalibrate, to recenter, to refocus on what’s important and align ourselves with who and what truly matters. As we are forced into limbo, it has become ever apparent that this is our shift. It’s been forced upon us, but it is ours nonetheless. We can take lessons to swim at our own leisure, but what happens when we are thrown into the deep side of the ocean and told to swim? We kick, we scream, we panic, we take on water… but eventually, we figure it out, one stroke at a time. And we find our way, our own calm in the storm.

We find our balance in the chaos, amongst the angry sea, we find our peace. And surrounded by that darkness of the deep blue that we shine our light. There is a quote I found once in the most random of all places… inside the flap of a boot from an eco-friendly apparel brand. It said, “as above, so below.”

On quiet nights do you look up and see stars? That’s the most perfect example in nature of light shining through the darkness. It’s also a reflection. And as above, so below, that same light in darkness is the light that we find and shine and share when we are facing our own dark times.

“We are a way for the universe to know itself,” said astronomer Carl Sagan in the early 1980s, “We’re made of star stuff.” During this time of difficult decisions and uncertainty, I hope we all find our way. We are more connected than we know. We are stronger than we know. We are braver than we know. Shine your light. Follow the stars.

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash


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