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on Jun 24, 2015 in Inspiration

What the Storm Left Behind

Yesterday evening, around 6pm or so, a storm rolled through Baltimore, bringing wild winds and heavy rains behind it. The sky became dark with ominous clouds; for as dramatic as this storm made its presence known, within the hour the weather was calm again. Yes there were still some drizzles, but nonetheless things returned to normal.

I was seated inside a neighborhood bar when it happened, celebrating the happy hour I had fantasized about with a beverage and a bite, deep within my thoughts, pen and paper pad at hand, and daydreaming while glancing out the window.

Before the rain let up I knew that I wanted to get a view of the sunset on this night. I had a hunch that the clouds would be all kinds of spectacular, reflecting the most innate hues of the setting sky. I figured the best place to catch this color explosion would be atop the hill of Federal Hill Park. This place offers a unique, almost 360 view and sits across from the inner harbor. I changed into my walking shoes and set out on my journey.

Midway on my walk, I glanced across the harbor and saw a stunning rainbow, bright and a full spectrum of color. I immediately changed direction to get closer, wanting desperately to score the perfect photo; but the closer I got, the more the rainbow faded away, a constant reminder that the sun was indeed setting. I stood for a while and never fumbled for my camera, my trance broken only by the lighting that broke in front of the rainbow. Epic.

Finally, I made it to Federal Hill park, climbing the steep hill as the most direct route to the top. Once up there, I immediately ran into neighbors and friends that I knew. I was home. Together, with strangers smiling and couples nestling, with friends mingling on the benches and others struck with silence, we watched the sky unfold much like an impressionist painting.

I gave into my desire to snap a few photos, but I knew my little camera was no match for the depth and detail that I saw with my own eyes. And perhaps that’s the way it’s supposed to be sometimes, the duplicate never to match the surreal-ness of the original. Low and behold, perhaps the most depth of this night rests in the knowledge that this beauty was brought to us by the most crazy storm.



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