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on Jan 02, 2015 in Inspiration

The Beauty in Each Sunrise

Today’s sunrise was more breathtaking than yesterday’s. Let me start by saying all sunrises to me are beautiful and worth the early wake up call to see them through. So, yesterday the sky was empty and the sun rose so effortlessly. It’s colors stretched on for as far as my eye could see and surely beyond.

But today, today I knew it would be cloudy. I knew there was a chance that if I bundled up and went out there, I might not see much. She might be lost to the clouds. But, the way the light of the sun played with the layers of the clouds, created a far more dramatic view for my eyes and iPhone lens. It was more than words can capture. More vibrancy, more colors, more layers, more bold and defiant.

I like the clouds for the effect they add to the most common occurrences. I like that each day I’m given something different. I like that before the sunrise, they are just clouds, and then in the process, the sun says “let me show you what I can make with these.”

On a much deeper level, perhaps clouds can be symbolic of obstacles in life, or dimensions of self. And then, what happens when you shine some light on them? What epic and transformative scene can you create with the palette you’ve been given for your life?

Let’s make a beautiful sunrise.

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