Points North
on Jun 24, 2015 in Travel

The Wanderlust Spirit

Notes from Chicago, in between work and play:

It’s happening again….. that magic energy that only occurs when one puts themselves out there, when one takes ownership of the person they are trying to be, when one embraces who they are and passionately takes the next step, when one says yes, when one is open and honest, when one shows up to the table, when one meets others where they are and moves forward from there, when one is unapologetically themselves, when one embraces and accepts who they are, when one lays theirĀ cards on the table and plays their hand, when one talks real and doesn’t sugar coat….

I wish I could tell you, how it feels to catch that wave of energy. I wish there were enough words in our language to express this, but there are not. There is only the realness of what you feel, to the very essence of your core. There is a change in the wind, and I know the great beyond is calling my name through the whispers of midnight dreams, of mountain tops, of strange wind and starry nights. I’m Mary Poppins with my trusty umbrella close by. I will ride this like I ride most things, the wind forever carrying me to places anew.

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