Points North
on Dec 08, 2017 in Inspiration

The Pursuit of Happiness and Being Happy

Many of us will take this time, as the year comes to a close, to start planning out our goals and ambitions for 2018. As you make your list and check it twice, may you also carve out a section where you can reflect and appreciate all that’s working for you now. We are happiest when we see the value in what we have and when we can show gratitude for the here and now.

We are always looking ahead. So much so that sometimes we don’t recognize or celebrate when we’ve achieved a goal that was on our list from some time ago. Very rarely do we pause and gaze upon the view from the top of the mountain we just climbed. Instead we see only the other mountains yet in the distance that we’ve had yet to storm. What is the rush, really, when we really think about things. We are in a society that is “go, go, go” and “now, now, now.” Pause. Breathe. Reflect.

What’s a dream if you can’t celebrate it coming true? If we live just to check items off our lists, and all we do is continue to write list after list after list. Is that really living? Yes it is important to have dreams, but it’s also important to be in your present state, and look around at the dreams that have or are coming true. How will you recognize a blessing when you don’t see the ones already before you, that you interact with everyday?

In reflection, we discover what it’s really all about. It’s only in looking back that we see how we really got to where we are standing. There are people who have been supporting you, maybe from near or faraway places, who believed in you and did something to help pave your way. Maybe it was a parent, teacher, counselor, or someone you inspired. This life is about people, and it’s about moments that matter most to you.

With this in mind, we thank you for being a part of our grand adventure. Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year.

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