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on Feb 20, 2015 in News

The Gift Cards for the Homeless Project

On Friday, February 10th, we partnered with Bar Liqourice in South Baltimore (Federal Hill) and Baltimore Volunteers Meetup Group for a unique project. I pretty much walked into Bar Liqourice one day, early before their happy hour crowd started to arrive, and asked if we could organize a charity event with them.

Gift Cards for the Homeless was a two part project. First, we wanted to set up a crafting space in a bar, because, how often do you get to cut construction paper and drink a beer at the same time? Exactly.

We spent a modest budget on card making supplies. We wanted to encourage people to write positive quotes, nice thoughts, and motivational sayings in the cards. We wanted them to get back to their love affair with Crayola markers, working with their hands, and believing that anything was possible.

Then, we kindly requested, that if you were attending the event, to bring a $10 gift card fromĀ of the local establishments around the downtown area of the city (Subway, Chipotle, etc). Bar Liquorice, rewarded anyone who brought in a gift card, with a free draft beer. And they provided light fare throughout the event. We loved it.

In the end, we collected over $500 in gift cards, each one enveloped in a nice, hand decorated, greeting card. Neighbors shared glue sticks and stickers as they decorated cards. The donations went to Our Daily Bread, a Catholic Charities establishment that offers a hot, free meal, served daily to the homeless in the city. They gave out the gift cards with one of those meals.

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