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on Mar 03, 2013 in News

Meet Our CEO

“I’m following my dream and doing what I am most passionate about. I have always viewed the world through creative eyes, and the work that I do is an extension of that energy.” Jessica Watson, born in Washington DC and a graduate of McDaniel College, is a successful entrepreneur who now travels globally to track design trends and new ideas that instantly influence her work with her business.

Jessica Watson is the CEO and Creative Director of Points North Studio, a graphic design studio based in Baltimore. She is a Brand and Communications Strategist who partners with CEO’s, executives and entrepreneurs to transform them from where they are into where they want to be. With over a decade of experience working in marketing for diverse companies, global foundations and startups, Jessica knows what truly drives brand loyalty and conversions—and it’s not about jumping on the bandwagon of the latest trend, it’s about the passion you have for your work and how well you connect with the people you serve.

Jessica has landed coverage in several print and broadcast outlets, including ABC2 News, FOX 45, The Baltimore Business Journal, Baltimore Magazine, CityBizList, MyCity4Her, and The Baltimore Sun. She has served as a manager for B’More Creatives and the Baltimore Women in Tech networking groups. Additionally, Jessica is big on giving back to her community. She hosts the global campaign 28 Days of Kindness in February, and the Have A Nice Day Project, a quarterly community gathering in Baltimore where people write positive messages on coffee cup sleeves that are then donated to local cafes.

Jessica holds a BA in communication from McDaniel College (Westminster, MD) and a Certificate in Memoir Writing from University of Washington (Seattle, WA). When she’s not designing, you’ll often find her working remotely from cities in the US and abroad, kayaking on a lazy river or cozied up with a new book.

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