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Design That Works: Steven Smith Teamaker

This is the very elegant packaging for the new, eponymous tea brand from Steven Smith, the genius behind Tazo tea. Sandstrom Partners (who also designed the packaging for Tazo) created this packaging.

Why This Design Works:
This is our expert analysis for this design.

  • This design screams elegance and sophistication. It takes on the same high quality design style of Tazo tea, but it’s also in a league of its own. When we first laid eyes on this design we knew that it was a distant cousin of Tazo.
  • The colors are very natural, and allow for variation in packaging while still keeping it in the same design family. So, line these packages up side by side, and you know they belong together. Place them in different locations in the store (or different isles) and you would see one and still think “hey this looks like it belongs with the other tea boxes over there). That’s brand recognition, repetitively.
  • Take a look at the close up one of the packages. That draw string closing technique is genius! And it is held close by a well designed sticker with romance copy about the product. Immediately you think high quality, a step above the rest.
  • Designing for tea offers so many different directions for you to venture into. You can go intricate and create a very detailed illustration. Or, you can get very simplistic and minimalist in your approach. When done right, you create a look and feel that is very unique to your product, and you also establish a sense of value.

Image Source: Steven Smith Teamaker, featured on The Dieline

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