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Design That Works: Scanwood

Scanwood is Denmark’s largets manufacturer of wooden appliances for the kitchen, selling their products in Denmark as well as the rest of Europa and the Middle East. Sanwood’s CEO wanted to change the packaging to communicate the fact that their products are made through an environmentally friendly process and are of course also made from all natural materials. This package was designed by Mads Jakob Poulsen of Denmark based Goodmorning Technology.

Why This Design Works:
This is our expert analysis for this design.

  • The product interacts with the package design in a very effective way. You can see the wood taking root in the soil and sprouting up like a plant.
  • This design and product have texture that compliments each other. The combination of both textures really echoes the product’s quality. Without reading the back of the package, I can expect it say “made from nature” or something along the lines of how the material is cultivated in the most natural way. (Actually, Scanwood’s new advertising campaign slogan is “Designed in Denmark, Made by Nature)
  • Design is a universal language. It is meant to communicate across borders and barriers. This package needs no words, as you can clearly see the CEO’s message of being environmentally conscious through the way it is designed. No matter what language you speak, you get the message in a very friendly and appealing way.

Resource: Scanwood is featured on The Dieline (package design blog)

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