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on Sep 04, 2010 in Uncategorized

Portfolio Spotlight: W. G. Middleton

W. G. Middleton is a Pennsylvania based artist of several mediums, but is most well known for his work in electric sculpture. For more information about the concept behind electric sculpture, visit his website electricsculpture.com. We’ve had the opportunity to work with W. G. Middleton over the past couple of years to develop some of his printed promotional materials. His projects are quite enjoyable because of the imagery provided (fantastic photos of his electric sculpture pieces in motion and detailed close-ups of his pastel work). Featured above is a promotional piece that highlights the versatility of his talents. It opens out to a trifold brochure, with additional photographs of his work and an artist statement. We used a “dry-brush” texture to add just a hint of dimension under the solid color blocks in this piece. The solid colors with words provide amazing contrast to his dynamic pieces.

Below you will see his artist statement card which he uses when his electric sculpture work is on display, along with his matching business cards.

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