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on Feb 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Beautiful Site: Alpine Meadows

Check out the very well designed website of Alpine Meadows and the very winter/natural color palette that follows. This website is very wintery and cool without being shades of blue or having the obvious pictures of snow and ice. Instead it pictures the experience of Alpine Meadows, visuals that suggest fun and entertainment no matter your age or skill level.

The large images that interchange throughout the website take you there, to the mountain. Also note that although you are viewing the site through your smooth computer screen, this website has texture! When you have a business that has anything to do with nature you can take it two ways, (1) ultra clean and simplistic, also known as the minimalist approach and (2) adding some type of texture so that users can “feel” your site.

We love this website and we love the color palette!

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