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on Mar 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

What We’re Up To: Back to Nature

Recently we were asked by Back to Nature Heath and Wellness Center to revamp their logo and to provide a new business card design for them. Their logo is not featured on their website, but it was a green silhouette of a palm tree and that was it. The owner of the company is especially fond of palm trees and all things tropical.

Back to Nature Health and Wellness Center, located in the cozy water-town of Annapolis, Maryland, is a privately owned, community-based holistic health practice. They provide awareness and preventative therapies including colon therapy, REIKI, foot reflexology, ear candling, and lecture/seminars. We knew instantly that we wanted to build upon that palm tree but also give it a bit of dimension.

The free flowing three-quarter length circle was actually inspired by the coffee rim stain that is often left on a napkin or counter when one lifts up their mug (ha! let this be proof that the possibilities of coffee are endless!). The inner circle is symbolic of the warm rays of the sun, and really it was a clever way for us to add some additional color into the logo. The sun also provides a perfect backdrop for the silhouette palm tree, which we decided should have a slight curve to it instead of going straight up and down. After viewing several different fonts, we decided that the words “Back To Nature” would look best if the letters were free flowing, similar to the style of the “coffee” circle. The finished result is something we all agreed was very natural, simple and straight forward.

Back to Nature Health and Wellness Center had a lot of information for their business cards! We instantly agreed that a double sided card would be best. And who does not like rounded corners? The back of the card has a matte finish that allows for writing down a client’s next appointment, and it also features a favorite palm tree picture of the client. Through the division of space, we were able to get the client’s logo (in a nice size) on the front of the card, plus all of the client’s contact information as well as services that they provide. The front of the card has an aqueous coating allowing for a semi-gloss finish.

We hope to have the opportunity to expand the design concept and style of their new logo into several print and online pieces for them in the near future.

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