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on Sep 04, 2010 in Uncategorized

Design That Works: I Love New York

Recently the site to promote tourism in New York was redesigned. Not only do we love New York, but we also love this website. You can visit it here: http://www.iloveny.com/.

Reasons Why This Design Works:

  • Photography: It catches your attention with dynamic photos. If you are looking for a city to visit, you want to see what you are getting yourself into. The photos are very inviting, full of color and with a sense of energy all its own. They provide the option for you to click on them to learn more.
  • Clean Design: The main navigation is at the top of the site, easy to spot and easy to browse through. The navigation is clean and simple, straight forward, because what really grabs you with the site is the content and the photos.
  • Color Palette: We provided a swatch of the main colors on the homepage. The red in the logo is sure to stand out with the light sandy/earthy color background colors. The colors are warm and airy, so they compliment the changing photos on each page instead of competing with them.
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