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on Nov 03, 2010 in Uncategorized

Portfolio Spotlight: The Judah Kelly Project

We recently had the opportunity to work with Judah Kelly, a private personal trainer based out of the Washington DC area. Judah was in search of a dynamic web presence that would set him apart from his competition. He also wanted a website that he could update himself, so he could provide current articles about fitness and overall wellness.

After our consultation with Judah Kelly, we decided that the best way to set up his website was through a content management system (CMS), which would allow him easy access to the content of his site, without needing to dive into or understand anything about website coding.

For his website, we developed a very professional layout, featuring a banner in Flash on the main page which rotated stunning professional photography of Judah Kelly in action (professional photography by Sean Scheidt). We chose a brushed steel look to add some dimension to the solid color palette and to give the feeling of strength and permanence.

In addition to the site, we developed a consistent identity for his business cards and his e-newsletter (featured below). We recently followed up with Judah, who reported to us that the website has been received very well from his potential clientele and his business has doubled. Congratulations Judah on your new clients!

Visit Judah Kelly online: http://www.thejudahkellyproject.com.

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