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Design That Works: Leap Organics

This design was recently featured in The Dieline, a spectacular packaging design blog.

Leif Steiner, Creative Director and Founder of Boulder Colorado based Moxie Sozo, sends in his latest project to The Dieline. They have just finished designing a soap line for a new Boston based company called Leap Organics, and over the next year, will be introducing an entire line of products for the brand. Illustrations by Charles Bloom.

Why this design works: There are several reasons why this design is more than just eye catching. Here’s our expert analysis on why this design works.

  • When placed on a shelf with other organic soaps, which one grabs hold of your attention and literally says “look at me!” This package design is so intriguing and detailed that a potential customer is instantly drawn to it just to read more about what the product is and what its made from. The ingredients and other important information is woven into the design, which brings the customer in more.
  • Each type of soap is featured in a different package, initiating a “collect them all” appeal and making the customer more inclined to at the very least view the other soaps that this company offers.
  • Leap Organics is a company that is organic. The organic market has a very strong design style. You either see very simple, or very textured and detailed, or a combination of both. Organic companies have the opportunity to really utilize elements from nature to sell their products. As you can see, the packaging design for Leap Organics soap is very detail oriented, featuring animals and plants from nature.
  • The colors featured in the designs are bright and have a natural appeal to them, further exuding an organic feel.
  • This package design, because it contains so many elements and is so well put together, exudes a high level of quality.

In terms of packaging design, you want a look and feel that is different, unique, clever, and will separate you from your competition. Next time you are in a grocery store, stroll down the isles and really look at the packaging. Which items stick out to you and why?

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