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Portfolio Spotlight: GospelTix.com Media Kit

Recently we had the opportunity to create a media kit for GospelTix.com. GospelTix.com, LLC is a ministry that aspires to become the No.1 electronic ticketing sales and marketing resource for the Christian community. Their mission is to enhance the promotional efforts of Christian ministries across the country. As they were gearing up to make their presence known in the industry, this also put them in the market for finding an effective way to sell and market their services to potential clients.

When it came to developing a media kit for Gospeltix.com, we truly believe that image is everything. With that said, we wanted to create a feeling with the visual elements of this project. After much thought and research, we decided upon a photograph of defocused lights. To us, the lights were symbolic of being out at an important event or gathering, bringing forth a feeling of warmth and excitement. Bringing the thought of “I want to be there,” or  “how can I get there?” Did we mention the tagline for GospelTix.com is “Your Ticket In”? Now you see where we are going!

The inside pages detail what makes GospelTix.com unique, complimented with custom graphics and inspiring images. In addition to providing GospelTix.com with a downloadable PDF, we also had this piece professionally printed on a satin finish, with saddle stitch binding. It is magnificent.

You can connect with GospelTix.com through these options below:

Website: http://gospeltix.com
Facebook: GospelTix.com Facebook
Twitter: http://twitter.com/GospelTixcom

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