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Our Light City Fringe Event at Wet City

We came. We saw. We made magic.

In April, in partnership with TheWairehouse, Wet City, and Kindness Tree Movement, we threw one epic Light City fringe event. The task was simple: 300 blank coasters (to be donated back to Wet City in Mt Vernon), and 400 blank coffee cup sleeves (to be donated to Koba Cafe in Federal Hill). We had to write positive messages, jokes, quotes, and fun drawings on them. We had to wish our fellow neighbor, whom we may never meet, a good day. They need to know we’re all connected, and that their neighbor in Baltimore is looking out for them.

The calm before the storm, John arrived early with little ones in tow. We started to set up tables with supplies and made the smart decision to put our food orders in early because neither of us get much time to eat/drink when people start to arrive. We always dive into the mix, greeting people as they come into the door, making sure they get situated, politely placing large stacks of coffee cup sleeves in front of them along with important things like the happy hour specials menu.

At our events, we try to be very inclusive and tell people to come as they are. So you get a mix of tshirts and business suits and everything in between, and we promise you it’s all good. We also say kids are welcome, because at the end of the day we’re really just coloring and that’s fun and relaxing and therapeutic for all ages. So a rare sight to see is kids running around a Mt. Vernon bar but we loved it and we packed the house. We also revealed the “Shine Your Light Baltimore” tshirt as a giveaway item at our event. There are more plans for this image in the future so we’ll keep you in the loop as things happen.

In the meantime, here are a few photos below, and you can find the full gallery here. Our next community gathering will be in July. See you soon.

Jul 14, 2013

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