Points North
on Jun 01, 2014 in Travel

Magic at the Minneapolis Airport

[This was written on the plane to Fargo, ND]

Why I almost cried in this Minneapolis Airport: my first flight came in a little early, leaving me just enough time to grab lunch before catching my next flight. I head to a cafe near the gate of my connecting flight. I pick up an awesome zen salad and a water, get to the register and my card isn’t working. She tried all ways to get it to go through and was unsuccessful. I asked, how much is just the salad? She said, $12 (proof I am in an airport!). I rummage through my wallet, I have $9. She says I can leave the salad there while I figure it out (thanks lady, I think).

I head just outside the doorway and frantically call my bank. Time is ticking and my window for lunch fading. A couple minutes into pressing buttons and getting no live person, a kind stranger hands me my salad and water. He said he was in line behind me and saw the whole thing. He figured I was in between flights and could really use lunch. I thanked him like 3 times, then just as quickly as he appeared before me, he disappeared back into the crowd. And I felt a surge of emotion that made me tear up a little. Now you know I’m no sap, but many of you also know about my kindness project and how it all comes back in the most unexpected ways. Now, belly full, I’m en route to my destination.

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