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on Mar 12, 2015 in News

Ignite SXSW – 28 Days to Save the World

A few weeks back, I saw on Facebook that IgniteSXSW was looking for speakers. I tabbed the link in my browser, and gave myself a few minutes to think about what I would talk about. I decided, on a whim, that our global campaign 28 Days of Kindness, was a worthy topic. So I wrote out a paragraph about it and tossed my name in the hat.

I did not think about this event at all after that. It fell off my radar. So I was more than pleasantly surprised when I received a notice that my talk was selected. Say what now?!!? And I decided, also on a whim, that I was going to SXSW this year. First to follow through and give that talk to a diverse audience, further spreading the movement of Day Makers around the world, and also because there’s something to be said for being in the right place at the right time.

The Jessica of 6-10 years prior may have said no to the opportunity, or maybe didn’t even find herself worthy enough to throw her name in the hat. I’ve noticed that these days, I’m more open to taking risks, chances, and diving in for the experience. I’m excited to present this talk on the evening March 14th. If you’re going to be at SXSW, stop by Old School Bar & Grill at 8PM for IgniteSXSW.

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