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on Jul 21, 2017 in News

Hello Summer Mailer

We wanted to share our summer mailer, which included temporary tattoos for everyone having fun in the sun this season.

“Doing our seasonal mailers is the best thing in the world to me,” says company president Jess Watson. “First, we get to create something tangible that you can hold in your hands. Yes we live in a digital world, but you’ll never take the print girl out of me. I love paper samples just as much as the next design student at heart.”

We decided to go with temporary tattoos because we thought they would be fun. Even if the recipient didn’t personally partake, we think everyone knows a preteen that would be head over heals to put some “ink” on their skin.

Tattoos are a form of personal expression and also can be significant of different parts of a person’s life. “Tattoos are the scars we choose,” Watson says. “For this reason, I didn’t want to just make our logo a tattoo and give it out. Never. I wanted to create a couple designs that would resonate.”

We chose our slogan, “Find Your North,” because we think that in life and business and all other aspects of life, that is what everyone is looking for. We’re looking to find our footing, to hold our ground, to chart a path for our own growth and development. We’re looking for what we value, and what we’re willing to go the distance for. Additionally, the compass was the perfect secondary item for this pair. Where is your compass pointing? What direction are you heading? We found both graphics to be something that most could identify with and relate to.

We’re excited to see the photos come in as people receive our package and try out the tattoos.

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