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on Sep 23, 2015 in Travel

Denver, I Need More Time

I did have the pleasure of stopping through Denver on my way to Boulder, and doing so only proved that I need to spend more time in Denver. First, the place where I stayed through AirBNB was the most adorable studio ever, super well laid out, excellent use of a small space, beautiful natural light, and a nice outdoor environment for entertaining. I REALLY wish I could’ve stayed there longer.

But second, 2 days is simply not enough time to properly explore a city. Knowing that, I kept my basic activities to my neighborhood. There was a park right across the street with rolling hills. My sweet studio had a nice deck, I could see the flatirons in the background, which make for the most beautiful sunsets. I would have my morning coffee out there and work from there until it got to hot to do so (direct sunlight, etc).

I did get to hang with my friend Jason Gaulden of Gaulden Group LLC, and we dined at Ocean Prime on the corner of Larimer Square. This is the place to be for hanging out in the evenings (or for happy hour). The┬ástreet that was lined with lights from one side to the other. I picked up my camera to snap a photo but decided against it. My iPhone can take some good photos, but I knew it would fail to capture the ambiance of the night. Two blocks away you’ll find the 16th Street Mall, a couple miles of pedestrian friendly outdoor space (no cars allowed), filled with both local and national shops alike.

I woke up late the next morning, but that would be late according to east coast time, so I really woke up early. Then I loaded up my car, and moved on down the line to Boulder, CO.

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