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on Aug 25, 2013 in Travel

Greetings from Portlandia

Here are my thoughts, wit and wisdom from my first few days of exploring Portland. My best stories have always be found in blissful unassuming moments. What you see below are updates from Twitter and Facebook, which are recorded in real time with my experiences. This is the best window into my world. Enjoy!

. . . . .

My Evening in a Nutshell

I finally got some creative inspiration after a long block for a client’s website; within seconds of each other I get notification of a nice sized order through my Etsy shop (going out to someone awesome in NY) and another email saying my application to an exclusive design conference in 2014 was accepted; aaaaand while enjoy an evening salad of fresh basil and local grown tomatoes (paired with a glass of white wine of course) I glance up just in time to see a rainbow in its boldest moment across the sky. Wow! Thank you! More please!

. . . . .

Sweet Meditations and Everything in Between

My day: A sweet meditation session at home followed by a walk down to the Portland Farmers Market (which I am sure has spoiled me for life!!). As an artist I appreciate all the bold natural colors, and I’m pleasantly surprised by how much produce comes in the color purple (even string beans!!!). I sample unique finds to my tastebud’s delight and come home with some great purchases.

Although I’ve been very successful at riding the MAX to get around, the bus system in Portland still has a ways to go with me. It looks to be very efficient and easy to use. I had relied on a phone app for help, and simply wasn’t prepared when I boarded a bus that ended up going in the wrong direction. Luckily my new friend offered to pick me up. I’m confident I at least got an “A” for effort 

We went to the Portland SoapBox Derby and saw some darn spectacular rides. I loved the Wack A Mole ride the best, and several cars had water hoses and water balloons to interact with the audience as they whizzed by. It was a warm day in the sun so we didn’t mind.

This was followed by an awesome taco spot that had a whole vegan menu just for me (yay!). And right next door there was a brewpub to enjoy a nice drink basking in the shade if a patio umbrella.

Couldn’t ask for a better day, and already contemplating tomorrow

. . . . .

Phone Photos

Browsing with my finger tips through photos on my phone. Amazing, just to let my mind wander through all these memories. I’ve got the best friends a lady can ask for, I’ve had some really great times over glasses of wine and cozy fires, and I’ve seen some breathtaking views across this great country. Feeling truly fortunate and blessed to be connected to all of you tonight. Cheers

. . . . .


My yesterday ended with a well deserved bonfire (one if my favorite things) with new friends. I love getting lost in the flames. It’s the perfect blend of being present in the moment and also being in reflection with your thoughts. My thoughts took me to very happy places all over this country and beyond . Cheers to the start if a new day!

. . . . .

The Moments that Matter

And so just like that, in a very unassuming moment of misty rain, a string of lights, a covered patio, and drinks with friends, the magic of Portland starts to settle in.

It’s come in bits and pieces before, with her tree lined streets, quirky stores, and the fresh air that streams through my window in the morning. I get the sense instantly that something is different, and yet oh so right, here in this space.

And then moments like tonight happen, moments when the human connection occurs. Moments where I know the mixture of this and that create something beautiful that words cannot describe.

The roots for my plants are inevitable it seems. Despite the nature of my lifestyle this year, I have once again found that common place where I want to plant seeds and turn soil.

Welcome to my life. So amazing, so real, and again I am presented with another city that will be hard to leave. My days are running out, but I promise to live it up. I promise to live for this moment, the only one that truly matters.

. . . . .

Street View Table Side

Outside table with a street view, free soy latte in hand, proofing a print project that I just got today. Cars passing by full of people going places. The MAX train stops and lets some folks on and off. Cool air and slightly overcast sky. A Motown melody playing from the outside speakers. Life is good.

. . . . .

Looking Back

Sometimes I literally can’t believe how far I’ve come. I have to get out the map to confirm for sure. I am legitimately on the other side of the country from where I started. And next month I will be in the furthest point in the Pacific North West that I intend to go this year.

My mind does too many calculations just to comprehend the total number of miles to date. So many things these eyes have seen. And yet my world doesn’t condense it expands with each magnificent person and breathtaking view.

This world and all of us in it take my breath away. Thank you for this journey of a lifetime.

. . . . .

There is Never Nothing

I’ve been operating under the mindset that there is never nothing going on, and I love walking around from this clarity and space. I see so much more and smile quite often too.

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