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on Jan 10, 2019 in Travel

Sunrise and Sunset in Cape Town

I’ve got Nina Simone on my mind, sun in the sky, you know how I feel, but there’s some rhythm and blues with jazzy undertones playing from the restaurant speakers. I am a party of one with a view overlooking the water.

The breeze off the ocean is so strong at sunset that waves of sand makes their way hastily to the shore and I find myself drifting. I walked barefoot towards the sun fading beyond the horizon line, kids playing naked in the water, locals dancing to the hip hop beats on vibrant streets just over the palm trees. There is sand in my hair but my heart is full.

Something about these waves overtaking the shore. Something about a heart always longing for more. Something about the colors and how they devour the sky. Something about being elated, having a natural high.

How come no one told me how beautiful the sunsets are here? My waiter, Senzo, speaks on his philosophy of enjoying the simple things in life and being kind to others. We dig each other’s vibe. He smiles at and me and says “come back anytime.”

The night falls quickly and the air cools. I look forward to counting stars all the way home.

//life goal unlocked: a sunrise and sunset from two phenomenal but different vantage points, all in the same day. As above, so below.


Oct 23, 2014

All Time is Precious

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