Points North
on Nov 10, 2013 in Travel

From Chicago to Memphis

I bid farewell to Chicago on the Sunday morning of daylights savings time. I loaded up on my car on a crisp Autumn morning with the sun peeking gently through the clouds. I got everything into my car, which on more than one occasion has reminded me of the game of Tetris. And I can honestly say that I’ve had more fights with my bike rack than any boyfriend in my life.

Sigh, but after I got everything straightened out I hit the road. It was a straight drive and rather mundane in view outside of the midday stop in St Louis Missouri. The changing colors that came with the Fall landscape was the only thing that kept me interested as I drove down long stretches of road.

By night fall I made it to Memphis, tired and not sure where the heck I was (two feelings I’ve come to know all to well this year). I grabbed my overnight bag and settled in, and that was my night.

Now let’s see what this walking in Memphis talk is all about….

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