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My First Week in the Big Easy (NOLA)

on Apr 09, 2013 in Travel

As part of the JWatson Creative 2013 City Tour, I’ve been working in New Orleans for a little over a week now. I’m residing in Mid City where I’ve met the most awesome people, and I’ve had a blast hanging out at City Park, the French Quarter, and the Garden District.

I’m still compiling photos and places I’ve been. In the spirit of keeping you all informed, I figured a compilation of my Facebook updates from my time here would keep you well informed on what’s been going down in the Big Easy.

Today the sun rose for me in Atlanta, but tonight it will surely set in New Orleans πŸ™‚ …hello NOLA

Well I’m a full grown adult and here I am having a growth spurt. Except this time, instead of searching for new clothes that fit, I’m searching for what will fit my soul…

I will meet you at that place …where the streets have no name πŸ™‚

Just roamed the French Quarter with my good friend Andrew Rose,Β and he took me through some nice artsy spots that were off the grid. Now I’m people watching from a Caribbean Taqueria on Magazine Street called The Rum House, mojito in hand accompanied with a veggie taco and a lime sauce that is out of this world, watching life unfold In the Garden District. Pinch me. #lifeisgood πŸ™‚

If you truly knew how powerful your mind was you’d choose your thoughts more wisely πŸ™‚ #justsayin’

“We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” -Oprah

To love and live this life to the utmost fullest, to dare to dream, to jump, to thrive, to dig in, to let out, to let go, to explore, to become, to be…. that will be your greatest adventure. To be.

Stoop sitting in NOLA reminds me of stoop sitting with my neighbors in Fells Point. Good food, drinks and the sound of Mumford & Sons in the background (which really makes me miss a couple friends in particular). In conversations that crossed generations I realized we are really all the same and not different at all in this point in time. I thrive on my connections with other people, some I’m not sure if we will cross paths again, which makes me appreciate the moment even more.

You don’t give yourself enough credit… You’re actually AMAZING! Own it! πŸ™‚

Yes I did just meet 4 new super awesome people at this coworking space in New Orleans, and yes half of that was because I couldn’t open the air tight coffee packaging to make a fresh pot in the breakroom…. πŸ˜‰

It’s an unspoken rule in New Orleans to say yes when you’re invited out, because you never know who you will meet, what opportunity will arise, or what experience you will have.

Yesterday, saying yes placed me in the middle of a Dog Day Afternoon at City Park, where I met up with a friend and we walked around. This was followed by a lovely wine spot with outdoor seating that made you think you were gathering in a friends yard and live jazz music you could really groove to. We picked up more friends along the way.

Then we stopped by a local art gallery and saw some very eclectic work, followed by me being able to borrow a bike that would make getting around town easy while i’m down here, and a late night dinner topped with good conversation outdoors into a gentle night.

And that’s just one day in New Orleans…

Nov 10, 2013

Chicago City Lights

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