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“Build Your Own Story,” featuring Jessica Watson

on Aug 04, 2012 in Inspiration

I will never forget the feeling of this day (August 2012). I remember that I was nowhere near a computer, when a friend had posted something on my Facebook wall saying that she had gone to the newly launched McDaniel College website, and I was front and center on the homepage. My first reaction, which I think is a pretty darn accurate one for this kind of situation, was “Say what now?!?!?!” Ha! I absolutely couldn’t believe it.

So since I wasn’t near a computer, I pulled up the website on my iPhone, and there I was. I couldn’t believe it! Me? My story? It was by far one of the best surprises I’ve gotten, and so incredibly unexpected. What fond memories it brought up of my first claim to fame on that campus, which was turning my dorm room into an art gallery to sell my art. Yes, that’s right, you had to make an appointment to come into my dorm room, and the concept earned me a feature in The Hill Alumni Magazine as well as the Baltimore Sun. I also sold quite a few paintings to students and teachers alike.

In reminiscing on those moments at McDaniel, as well as my choices throughout my life, I see a pattern of wanting to go my own way, wanting to do something different, and wanting to think outside of the box. I think it’s very safe to say that this mentality has fueled my passion for the work I do now.

I want to thank all the teachers and staff at McDaniel College that saw something in me probably way before I saw the same thing in myself. It has been the belief of others, that helped a small flicker to turn into a roaring flame. This is a very exciting time for me, this company, and my many other initiatives and fun adventures.

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