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on Aug 24, 2018 in Inspiration

Envision Kindness Photo Contest

Photo credit: Robert Anton Aparente 2017 Our World is Kind Finalist

Did you know there is a direct translation between seeing images of kindness and compassion and inducing joy, optimism, and gratitude?

There is! And that’s why we are incredibly excited to announce our new partnership with Envision Kindness, an organization that shares our commitment to making the world kinder. They recently kicked of the 2018 Our World is Kind photography contest, and are looking for submissions from talented photographers from around the world.


Where do you see moments of kindness in your community? What stories can you tell?

Here’s a bit of inspiration to help you capture these impactful moments. Your photos can document a real-life moment or illustrate a concept. What does kindness look like to you?

KIND PEOPLE – We see kindness in people every day –in people we know and those we haven’t met yet. In self-kindness. In people lending a hand, helping others, sharing a meal, a smile, or paying it forward.

KINDNESS IN NATURE – You may find kindness in animals, in a heart shape leaf, in hikers lending a hand, in protecting the environment, and so much more. When we take the time, we can see kindness all around us.

KINDNESS IN THE COMMUNITY – Our communities are filled with kindness! At work, in places of worship, from non-profits, through fundraising efforts, and in public spaces and shops. Showcase your community organization!

Will you join the kindness movement? Submit your image at the link below and #PictureABetterWorld!

Link: http://www.envisionkindness.org/2018-photo-contest/

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