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on Aug 25, 2015 in Travel

A Tale of Two Cities – Seattle Bound

A New Adventure on the Horizon

Just 5 1/2 years ago, I built JWatson Creative on the foundation of wanting to deliver exceptional design and stand behind our clients. In 2013 I set the company up to run virtually, so that I could incorporate more travel into my life, channeling new experiences and adventures into the quality work we deliver to our clients.

You see I have a strong belief that the way we live our lives, how we follow our hearts, and what we fight for, are what makes us who we are. It’s through our authentic selves that we grow. So hopefully it’s not too much of a surprise to say that while I’ve enjoyed being stationary in Charm City for almost 2 years, complete with a new appreciation for biking, mini trips, and good times with new friends, that familiar wind is blowing yet again, leading me back to the road.

It’s also no secret that I’ve grown quite fond of the written word. Poetic happenstance flows out from me at the most random moments, a most beautiful treasure. It’s with great pleasure that I share that I’ve been accepted into a continuing education program at the University of Washington in Seattle to explore this further, and I’ll be trekking out there for the first term this fall. This will unfold as easy to manage evening classes, so in terms of business, everything will run as normal. I will return to Baltimore in December before heading back out for round 2. The full program lasts a school year.

Truthfully speaking, I have a story to tell. This is no self-help or how-to book. Everyday I tell you to listen to the fabric of your being and be led by what makes you come alive. The way I live my life is no different. The open road calls; adventure calls, shedding one way for another beckons my core. I must honor this and seek to my heart’s content.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support. I look forward to sharing this new journey with you.

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