Points North
on Nov 21, 2013 in Travel

Where will Jessica be in December?

Last week I used my personal Facebook account to take a poll and see where everyone thought I should end up for December. You can see the results above. Truth be told, I was originally planning to head to either Asheville NC or Charleston SC. Both would be an awesome way to end the year.

But then I changed my mind.

I’m headed back to BALTIMORE for December. Here’s why….


Why the Change of Direction?

The holidays are coming, and I’d love to end the year with friends and colleagues. Because of the time of year, its a little difficult to network and make new contacts. Everyone is in a celebratory mood, and focuses shift to that end of the year drive.


Friends and Family

As a result of this trip, I’ve got several adopted families and new friends all over the country and I’m quite fond of them. But, during this time of the year, I really want to be in the company of the friends and family that cheered me on (or crossed their fingers for me) as I geared up to take this epic journey.


So Now What…?

I’m taking the first week in December off the grid. I need to start processing all the AWESOME that has happened in 2013, and recoup from a year of quite literally being on the road. Then I will be headed up north to the good ol’ city of Charm. Looking forward to my return, and also searching for my winter coat!

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