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El Jefe Tacos

Adding Flavor to Street Tacos

Who loves tacos? We sure do. This is one of our passion projects, where we explored our CEO's favorite cuisine, tacos. For this project, we cultivated a street tacos restaurant, and gave it a bit of flare all its own.

Good design is like a good taco, it hits the spot.

El Jefe had a great thing going for them, but their problem was no one knew about it. Their restaurant focused on simple and good ingredients, and they created loyalty among their customers after the first bite.

Their niche was authentic Mexican street tacos. Not something you got from a restaurant chain drive-through, and definitely not something you got from a box off the grocery store shelves. These tacos were amazing, plain and simple.

Points North worked with the team at El Jefe to understand not only why they were so passionate about tacos, but also what it meant to them for the community to enjoy their food time after time again. Pull up a seat, order a taco, make a friend. That vibe was woven into redesigning their logo and creating a playful color palette.

El Jefe had a substantial amount of orders coming from online, so Points North updated their website so that the design was fully responsive.

To make the experience even more seamless, the branding and packaging design for takeout orders was thoughtfully created and extremely functional (no spilled tacos here!)

With such a loyal following, Points North amplified the brand by introducing El Jefe merchandise. Sporting the items were not only stylish, but they also serve as a reminder that it’s time to get a taco.

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