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Changing the City, One Cup of Coffee at a Time.

The Have A Nice Day Project hosts social gatherings where they write positive messages on blank coffee cup sleeves. Then they donate them to locally owned cafés around Baltimore.

It’s a feel-good project, from start to finish.

A city is only as strong as its community. This project started as a social experiment to demonstrate how we’re all connected. You can make someone’s day, even if you never get to meet them.

Have A Nice Day Project started in 2015, and has since then grown into a movement in Baltimore city. The project has donated over time 6,500 coffee cup sleeves with positive messages to locally-owned cafés. This is our community project, and we thought it was time to create a brand that could grow with the movement.

One of the main brand colors for this project is a calming navy blue. So we thought, why not make this project stand out from the moment you land on the website, by flooding the background with that navy blue? It’s uncommon to see a dark website in a professional setting. But, we predict that more browsers and apps are going to start offering dark mode as settings a viewer can adjust. This site looks good no matter what mode your browser is in. The white logo and box accents add a nice touch of contrast that lets the site flow nicely together.

It’s very difficult to describe the magic that takes place at these events. “It’s like walking into a warm hug,” says one attendee. She’s right. The event is very come-as-you-are, and as a result, attracts the diverse cross-section of Baltimore city. We were very intentional about words and imagery here. We wanted the photos to speak for themselves. Each page is filled with smiles, laughs, children, families, parents, friends, date night, and so on. Bold statements were used on purpose, too. “There is room for you at our table,” reinforces the notion to come as you are, that you are valued and accepted. “This is our Baltimore” establishes a sense of pride and ownership in the city and our stake in the story that’s told about it.

The site is an easy place to post events, updates, add sponsors, and more. Your website, your brand, and your story should support your growth, not hinder it. This brand serves as a strong foundation for what is yet to come.

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