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on Apr 20, 2015 in Inspiration

The Nike “Better for It” Women’s Campaign

I stumbled upon the Nike Women’s campaign, newly released early this month, incredibly honest, and poetically triumphant.

“Whether it’s the skinny girls in spinning class, the stranger’s foot dangling in your face at yoga, all those mirrors at the gym, or just a tough run, the ad relates to the everyday grind a fitness routine can be, rather than glorifying athletic superheroes.” says Jeff Beer of Fast Company.

Their message is “Don’t let you beat you.” And it hits home for many women who workout. The truth is, we do have thoughts that contradict our efforts, and can temporarily trip us up. How fun, to lightheartedly, bring these mind-trips into the lime light in a way where we can all relate. But the real beauty of the Nike ads, is that their women push past those thoughts, so they can achieve their fitness goals, which are simple like staying focused in yoga class or motivated through spin class. This is how you reach your target market, who considers it a victory to make it to the gym 3 times a week, and to stick to their workouts during their busiest seasons.

Personally, I think workouts need to have a bit of playful humor, especially the early morning ones. For your reading pleasure, here are a handful of real dialogues I’ve had with my trainer:


[Trainer:] So did you stretch this morning?

[Me:] In my dreams…

[Trainer:] <after crunches> Are you okay?

[Me:] <still on the floor> Ugh, I’m calling it. Time of death, 7:30.

[Trainer:] <after the plank> How do you feel?

[Me:] <still on the floor> Just draw a chalk outline around me. Here lies Jessica.

[Trainer:] So did you stretch this morning?

[Me:] While I was in bed. Does that count?

[Me:] I feel sore from our last workout in my—

[Trainer:] Obliques?

[Me:] I was going to say love handles…

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