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on May 17, 2017 in Business

Sitting Still For A Spell

Sometimes we all get caught up. And in this fast paced, immediate response needed world, it’s easy to do. We’re on social media for business, but on a personal level I’ve started to spend less time online. Ultimately, I’ve been finding it to be a bit of a time hog lately, a magical place where one can lose hours and the feed of incoming content never ends. I’m sure everyone has a version of the good ol’ days that they remember fondly. Mine includes not being in front of a computer so much. And since my job requires me to be that way for a significant chunk of my day, my life outside of the office should be a little more removed.

I’ve been spending more time walking in the park and biking around the city (not on the busy car heavy streets of course). This is my mediation, in the non traditional sense, of providing me time to clear my mind, thinking about everything or nothing, feeling present or feeling far away. It’s planting season now, and I’m so excited to add garden time to my list of things I can do for me.

How do you take time for yourself? Some experts are recommending that we busy business professionals now block off that time for ourselves as we would a meeting. Because you know what, it is just as important, if not in some ways moreso. Peace of mind informs how you experience your world, the people and scenarios that unfold within it. Here are some things you can easily schedule for yourself.

SCHEDULE TEA TIME: Yes, maybe 2-3 times a week, step away from the computer, go grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee if you prefer, and pick up your favorite book or magazine. 15 minutes can easily reset your mood and whatever you’re reading can transport you somewhere else.

NO WORKING LUNCHES: We are already hunched over our computers enough as it is; now you want to eat in this odd position too? No. Studies show that the way in which we eat our food matters just as much as what we’re eating. If you’re hasty or focusing your energy elsewhere, you’re sending mixed signals and stressing out your insides. Take a lunch. Or if you absolutely must do a working lunch, take a walk later in the afternoon.

WALKING: We are entering into the warmer months of our year. This means the sun is up earlier and later, and it’s the perfect time to get outside. Schedule a walk for yourself and block that out too. Seriously, it can be 15 minutes, but you’ll come back feeling differently than you did when you left. Rainy days could easily mean a quick escape to a cafe where you can gaze out the window. You can also getting a walking buddy and have a partner for your promenade adventures.

LOW KEY ACTIVITIES: Sometimes, by the end of the day, my brain has turned to mush and I cannot make anymore decisions. It’s okay to set up some low key activities for yourself where your brain can take a break for a while. I recommend things like reading a book, working on a jigsaw puzzle, daydreaming about some place fun you want to go (like your next vacation, a tropical island, a new country, etc), and sitting by a fire. Slow yourself down from your fast paced day.

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