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on Dec 28, 2017 in News

Reflecting on 2017


2017 was…… {insert random string of emojis here}. I think we need to change our story, especially with everything that’s happening in our world today.

It’s so easy to sound off online, but perhaps harder to look within and really dwell on how we fit into the bigger picture. We’re in need of some huge shifts to sort through and embrace our darkness while loving our light. Your voice is needed. You are not alone. And I bet if you really look back on 2017, pushing aside some of the rubble and debris, perhaps you’ll find yourself. And you’ll also find the people who made your 2017 better. Borrowing words from my friend John Waire, “shine your light,” and start syncing up with others who are doing the same.

With this in mind, I want to share some really good things that happened here at Points North in 2017, including our successful rebrand.


We Had A Birthday!

In April of 2017, Points North Design Studio celebrated 7 years in business. There was a time where I thought even 2 years was a stretch, as this business was built upon the foundation of a dream. We wanted to connect with people, and use our creative skill set to tell better stories that aided in the success of our clients. We also wanted to give back to communities, leaving a positive footprint whenever we could. Owning a small business has an ebb and flow of challenges and rewards. We are so excited for what the future holds.


We had a redesign.

This was the largest undertaking we’ve encountered since starting our business back in 2010. But, we felt it was time. We wanted a brand that embodied the energy of the company and the excitement around the journey we take our clients on who sign with us. We also wanted to pay homage to travel, exploration and the willingness to try new things, which has always been the driving force behind why we do what we do, and the passion that wakes us up every morning. We didn’t want it to be completely different from where we started, and you’ll see that reflected in some of the design elements and colors. We wanted it to resemble an evolution. This was very successful.


We upleveled the Have A Nice Day Project (est. 2015)

This has been our community project since 2015, but it was created quickly to fuel and idea and fulfill a need of creating good stories coming out of our home city Baltimore, and finding ways to bring people from all walks of life together. This year, we rebranded the project, giving it a stronger appearance, and we gave it a fresh website. We also added some structure to how the project runs, including setting standards that included: (1) this event will occur every quarter and bounce around Baltimore City; (2) this event will always happen at locally owned establishments in Baltimore; (3) the coffee cup sleeves will always be donated to locally owned cafes in various neighborhoods around the city.

This past year we’ve been fortunate enough to host events at The Elephant (Mt. Vernon), Handlebar Cafe (Douglass Place) and R. House (Remington). And we’ve donated coffee cup sleeves to Koba Cafe (Federal Hill), Handlebar Cafe (Douglass Place), Ground & Griddled (Remington) and Charmington’s (Remington). We’ve also been super stoked to bring on some AMAZING sponsors, including UrbanStems and TheWairehouse.

Stay tuned for details about our next event, taking place in February 2018.


Jessica Watson spoke at WordCamp Baltimore.

I told everyone in the room that they were ABSOLUTELY worth the money (whatever they charged, it didn’t matter). My topic was It’s Never Just A Website, and I addressed important topics such as scheduling, project management, client/contractor communication, and not being afraid to jump into the drivers seat. This was my first time speaking at WordCamp Baltimore and the experience was enlightening. Check out the video of the talk here. I am available for 2018 speaking opportunities.


We Helped Create the End of an Era

B’More Creatives was a networking group for women in the creative profession, spanning more than 13 years of providing feedback, career advice, mentorship, support and job opportunities. However, the group has been running on fumes after losing funding a couple years back and wanting to continue the mission to keep membership free. After much collaboration with board members, we decided to close the group but also go out in style. We felt it was important for something that has truly had an impact on the creative scene in Baltimore to not just fizzle, but be celebrated. Read about it here. By the way, this was featured in Technical.ly Baltimore and Glimpsed by the Baltimore Sun.

Bring it on 2018!



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