Points North
on Jan 12, 2017 in News

Our New Years Resolutions

At the beginning of each year, we work hard to make resolutions for our lives, but what about the lives of our businesses. Take a look at our goals for 2017:

GRATITUDE: We are thriving to operate with a sense of gratitude in 2017. We are always thankful for the amazing lives we touch, the projects we get to to work, and the businesses and organizations that we help through marketing and our creative services. But there is always room for more, and we want to make gratitude a core focus for us this year.

OFFERING MORE: Some of you may know us for developing brands or websites, but did you know we have several more skills under our belt? We also do SEO, brand management, client/customer experience pieces, and marketing. Additionally, we have resources who can handle your video and copy writing needs. We’ll be working to make sure our service offerings are front and center, and our clients know that our relationship can go beyond one project.

STAYING IN TOUCH: Half way through last year we fell of course with our monthly newsletter and blog. And you let us know that you missed us. We’re going to do a better job of keeping you informed on the happenings around here, including personal updates from Jessica Watson on her travels around the world.

With these goals, we aim to be a better resource to our clients, and continue to bring inspirational insights to our audience. Happy New Year!


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