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on Jan 03, 2023 in News

Our Mission and Goals for 2023

We’re creating a world where great design powers ambitious brands. We’re Points North Studio, and we’re passionate about design. Before we start our first sketch or concept, we make it our mission to understand yours. Our motto is strategy first, and then design. Through this practice, we’re able to deliver exceptional brands, websites, and communication pieces for our clients. Here’s a look at our mission and our goals for 2023.

Our Mission

Good design can change the world. We challenge the status quo by creating experiences that bring people, passions, and causes together.

Our Theme for 2023: Space

Before you grab your spacesuit, let me explain. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want 2023 to be for myself, for Points North, and for all the initiatives and projects we touch. And the word that keeps coming to mind is “space,” so I’m going with it. First, it actually does connect with the imagery on our homepage. But on a deeper level, it’s about creating and holding space for the things that matter.

Holding space in life can refer to the idea of creating a safe, supportive, and nonjudgmental environment for oneself or others to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This can involve setting aside time and energy to be present with oneself or others, and creating a sense of openness and acceptance.

Holding space can also involve being mindful and present in the present moment, without trying to fix or change anything. It is about being present with what is, without judgment or attachment. This can involve learning to be more self-aware and attuned to one’s own emotions and needs, as well as being open to the emotions and experiences of others.

Holding space in life can involve both internal and external practices. Internally, it may involve taking time to reflect and practice self-compassion, as well as setting boundaries and taking care of one’s own needs. Externally, it may involve actively listening and supporting others, and creating a safe and understanding environment for them to explore their thoughts and feelings.

As we progress through 2023, we’re planning to incorporate space into our business in the following ways:

Creating Space for Ourselves to Breathe

I am probably in the minority in this opinion, but I think we as people are moving too fast. Here are some ways that we’re creating space for ourselves in the new year.

  • The return of our monthly newsletter: We got too busy to rock out our monthly newsletter in the second half of 2022. And it was a bit of a bummer because this was one of my favorite things. So, I’ve decided to make it a priority that our newsletter returns this year, better than ever. Stay tuned.
  • Being intentional about time: Behind the scenes, we actually have blocks of time when team members are not available because… well, they are working. Being intentional about time when it comes to business means being purposeful and deliberate in how we use our time. It involves setting clear goals and priorities, and focusing on the tasks and activities that are most important to achieving those goals. This means, we may not always be easily accessible, but we will continue our commitment to keep you informed every step of the way.
  • Creating space for magic: Creating space for magic involves setting aside time and resources for creativity and experimentation. It’s also about fostering an atmosphere that is welcoming and supportive of exploration and growth. We have to let go of expectations and assumptions, and be open to the unexpected. In our planned and detail-driven world, this can seem impossible. But creating space for magic can be helpful in a variety of contexts. This includes personal development, business, and relationships. It allows for new and innovative ideas to emerge, and can lead to meaningful and transformative experiences.

Creating Space for Our Workflow

Creativity is a process, not a destination. There are several reasons why it is important to not rush the creative process. Creativity often involves a process of exploration, experimentation, and iteration. It may involve trying out different ideas, making mistakes, and learning from them. Rushing this process can lead to a lack of depth and quality in the final product. It also requires a clear mind. Creativity is often associated with a state of flow, in which the mind is relaxed and open to new ideas. Moving fast can lead to stress and distraction, which can hinder the ability to come up with original and innovative ideas. Rushing the process can prevent the opportunity for this reflection, which can lead to a lack of coherence and direction in the final product.

Here are some ways we’re tackling this in 2023:

  • Quarterly strategy sessions: For our retainer clients, we’re reinstating quarterly strategy sessions, where we come to you with ideas and help plan for the road ahead. This will allow us time to prepare for your upcoming creative needs and get them on our radar sooner.
  • Monthly check-ins: Also for our retainer clients, we will be more consistent with our casual monthly check-ins. This will allow us to learn how things are going with what we’ve produced so far. It will also show us where we can make adjustments to keep things running smoothly.
  • Managing expectations: Communication is very important to us. It’s also important for our clients to understand our process and our working relationship. This year we’ll be doing more to make sure our clients understand the workflow for their projects and the best way to engage with us.

In Conclusion

The beautiful thing about the beginning of the year is that it comes with so much possibility. As we reflect on the past year and look ahead to the new one, we are reminded of the resilience and strength of our community. We are grateful for your support and are committed to supporting you in the coming year. Let’s make the most of this fresh start and work towards creating a better future for us all.

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