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on Sep 18, 2015 in Travel

On The Road Again

On Friday, Sept 4th, I did something strangely familiar. I packed my car again and hit the road. For those of you who follow my adventures, you may remember that I spent an entire year on the road in 2013, living for a month at a time in a different city. After that journey I landed back in Baltimore, returning to rooftop views, community projects, friends, family, and everything in between. But alas, the call of adventure is upon me and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I ventured off again. This time, I’m headed to Seattle for a few months, returning back to Baltimore next summer.

A couple days after leaving, people started to text me, asking “hey how’s Seattle?” This to me means some folks might need a geography lesson or two. The drive alone, straight there, is 40+ hours. That’s a work week! If you don’t know me by now, let me remind you that I’m all about the journey. So I’m taking the slow, scenic route through the country.

Back is the familiar scenario of only being able to plan my life out a few days at a time. It’s funny and sometimes daunting at the same time. I have to add reminders to my to do list, things like “figure out where you are sleeping this weekend.” But, it’s also very fun.

I’m sending this update from the road, sharing some of the images and quotes that have come to mind as I embark upon this trip, hoping they inspire and resonate with you like they do with me.








Dec 10, 2013

Walking in Memphis

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