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on Aug 05, 2013 in Travel

Long Beach in Tweets & Updates

My best thoughts about my travels come from being in the moment, and then usually posting on Facebook or sending a long text message to a friend. But these are the heart and soul of my story and this journey. I am happy to share that with you.

In Search of Answers

You’ve always had the answer inside of you, but sometimes you need to get to a certain place or meet a certain someone to bring it out.


Chasing the Moon

In my attempts to chase the moon tonight, I caught other things instead. I got a glimpse of neighborhood beach life after sunset. While walking the promenade I saw a man whom from a distance looked like he was littering, but as I got closer I saw that he was dropping cat food down for a pair of young cats. Walking just a little further there are determined people doing drills on the steep stairs that separate the park from the beach. And even more of them running and biking at various speeds on the trail that parallels the shore.

And still that moon, big and bold, showing off dramatic ripples in the tide coming in, with gentle sounds of waves that could calm any racing heart. And on my walk back home, the local cafe is lively with folks who may not have noticed the moon.

This is the LBC. This is Long Beach


A Slow Sunset

The sun is slowly setting on my time in the LBC. Transitioning from one awesome location with fabulous people to another great location where new adventures await… it’s always bittersweet.

But I consider myself quite fortunate to have stumbled upon such an amazing group of people I am happy to call friends. And I thank each of you for sharing your time and your life with me, and also for joining me at Harvelle’s for live blues tonight. You all ROCK (but I’m sure you already knew that)


Of Clouds

While driving and looking far out into the horizon, way beyond in the distance, I literally can’t tell the difference between mountains and clouds. The subtle colors and shapes are very similar. They look the same.


Last Evening Reflections

My reflections as I settle down for the evening and rest on my last night in Long Beach, is that the leaving part, the transitioning part, that is so necessary to my journey does not get any easier no matter where I go. Part of my journey is to live like a local without being local, and I wonder if its just our nature to grow roots, make ties, and establish connections when we are somewhere for a while. After all it just takes one person or one encounter to cause a ripple effect that lasts a lifetime.

My mind is still blown, that the people I enjoyed dinner with (along with some damn good wine) will not physically be sitting at my dinner table tomorrow night. In fact we’ll be miles apart, and by the end of the year even further. But I will carry them in my spirit always, and kindly say “see you later” even though I don’t really know when later is.

And that’s how it goes, another month slips through my hands like sand. This beautiful neighborhood in the LBC moves on but moves on with out me, and I move on too. And I wake up miles and (what feels like worlds away).

My heart has grown bigger with this journey. My mind has, and continues to, expand. My capacity to see, to love, and the depth of my being have achieved a new level I cannot put into words.

Tomorrow a new world awaits. Good night and so long Long Beach. Hello Carmel, San Francisco, and my new destination for August … Portland.

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