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On Leadership: Jessica Watson in CityBizList

(Article written by Newt Fowler): How many of us would rejuvenate our creative juices by committing to a nomadic life? To traveling from city to city, sampling the coworking life in each? Of becoming – however transient – a momentary part of the fabric of a start up community beyond Baltimore? Of not really being sure where you’re going to live, while all the time working with clients scattered behind you? I recently caught up with Jessica Watson during a momentary respite in Baltimore, about half way through her 12 city journey, in part to test her sanity for such a journey and in part to understand whether what she’s learning about how other innovation communities are organizing has application back home. – See more at: http://baltimore.citybizlist.com/article/leadership-coworking-travels-jessica-watson-ceo-jwatson-creative

Mar 03, 2013

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